WoW Classic – Naxxramas Abomination Wing Tactics

WoW Classic – Naxxramas Abomination Wing Tactics

Naxxramas is the most difficult WoW Classic raid. Unlike the first two 40-player raids, Molten Core and Blackwing Lair, that don’t have complicated mechanics Naxxramas presents quite a challenge. Players need to complete the attunement which requires at least honored reputation with the Argent Dawn faction. Frost resistance gear and a good knowledge of your class are needed as well. Naxxramas has four wings that players can complete in any order. Here are the tactics for the Abomination/Construct wing.

Patchwerk. This boss will hit one of the four players that are in melee range and have the highest threat. The attack doesn’t always land on the main tank so the safest strategy is to have four tanks around the boss to ensure that the melee damage dealers don’t take the hit. The boss enrages at 5% HP or seven minutes into the fight. This makes the fight a DPS check.

Grobbulus. The boss puts poison clouds at his location so the tank needs to move the boss around the room. No other player but the main tank should stand in front of the boss. When the slime add spawns, the group must take it down as soon as possible. Players that get the Mutated Injection debuff should move away from the group. The debuff drops a poison cloud after 10 seconds. When the boss gets to 30%, the debuff will occur more frequently.

Gluth. Have at least two tanks for this fight as the boss puts a stackable debuff that reduces healing. The preferred strategy is for tanks to swap at 4-5 stacks. The boss will fear one of the nearby players so the tanks should have some fear protection else this encounter will quickly turn into a wipe fest. The boss enrages so setup a rotation for the hunters to dispel that. When the adds spawn, round them up and kite them until the boss casts Decimate. This spell significantly reduces the adds’ HP. They must be killed before they reach the boss. After the third cast, the boss will enrage so kill him fast.

Thaddius. This encounter starts with the two mini-bosses Feugen and Stallag. The raid will split into two groups with melee on Feugen and casters on Stallag. The two bosses must die within seconds of each other. Once these two are dead, the players will jump and face Thaddius. Players will either get the Positive or Negative debuff. Positive players will go to the right while Negative players will go to the left. The debuff changes every five seconds so keep an eye on it and move accordingly. The enrage timer is at five minutes.

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