Sensory toys are designed to stimulate a child’s five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. This is when their imaginations are allowed to go wild and grow into healthy creativity. Please do not give them more than they can deal with. The more interactive the toy is, the more that particular toy will stimulate your child and hold their attention. And, as families spend more and more time at home together, family game night is even more important, so clear the table and get your game face on. The American Psychiatric Association even added sensory sensitivities to the list of symptoms that help diagnose autism in 2013. If you have a child dealing with sensory issues, you might want to try bringing home some sensory toys for them to play with.

A child who has hypo-sensitivity also may be under-responsive to body signals that affect zhe gao modular buildings balance control and physical coordination. Hypersensitive children are overly responsive to stimulants. Some accommodations that can be made for children who are hypo-sensitive include weighted blankets, strong tasting or textured foods, and activities that practice physical skills such as dancing, jumping, running, and catching. As opposed to hyper-sensitivity, some children with autism are under-responsive to senses and stimulants. How do sensory toys help autism? Autism is commonly accompanied by sensory issues. There are two types of sensory issues that might affect a child with autism: hyper-sensitivities and hypo-sensitivities. What Are Sensory Issues? Several strategies can be used to help children with sensory hypersensitivity.

Pink and purple pastel-colored nesting pieces stack easily from large to small, making it a perfect first stacking toy for babies, allowing children to use their imagination and stack in any order. These toys are meant to help children develop their senses in a safe and natural environment using play. Dolls and stuffed animals encourage pretend play a tea party for teddy bears, perhaps? And aid social and emotional development by teaching tots how to express emotions and take care of something they love. Remember, any gift given out of love is a gift most treasured no matter what time of year it is given. Put small toys and toys with small parts out of reach when young ones are around.