A CRAZED man armed with an AK-47 assault rifle went berserk in a Sydney suburban procuring center yesterday afternoon, killing six folks before capturing himself. Thirty years ago, a taxi driver went on a shooting rampage in Strathfield, killing seven and wounding many others earlier than taking his own life. Having to pay for the companies you obtained is regular, but you might avoid having to do so by taking good care of your equipment at all times. A maskless man was caught on video going berserk at an Oklahoma sandwich store and calling workers “Nazis” for asking him to be placed on a face mask. The unidentified man was in line to order meals when he started his bizarre rant at Lee’s Sandwich shop in Oklahoma City Tuesday.

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Meanwhile, Guts, step by step, develops a romantic relationship with Griffith’s unit commander, Casca, the Hawks’ solely female member. Meanwhile, Guts progressively develops a romantic relationship with Griffith’s unit commander, Casca, the Hawks’ solely feminine member. ” he yells on the female employee. Two men then sprint over to the worker to defend her from the anti-masker when he approaches her. The man will then be seen walking toward the door when an employee approaches him. The man shot five people – several of them elderly – and stabbed a 15-12 months-old woman to death with a knife in the massacre at Strathfield Plaza. The gunman had been sitting within the Espresso Pot for more than an hour and drank 4 cups of espresso before he became concerned in an argument with the woman and stabbed her.